Mesmerizing, realistic, chainsaw carving art of wild life movement in ones imagination can come to life. Such impressive wildlife such as dolphins, seals, salmons, and eagles, and bears. These are but a few of the lifelike marine and nature wood sculptures you'll find made by Peter Janusch.

Peter works with a variety of beautiful wood including Red Cedar, Maple, Myrtle wood, but mainly reclaims old growth Redwood as his main staple. Each chainsaw carving piece is finished to enhance the wood grain and provide many years of enjoyment.

From the northern California beaches, sun, surf, and sand-smoothed driftwood is handcrafted to form these multipurpose baskets and burl mushrooms that show off nature at her most artistically inspired. All wood is reclaimed and locally harvested from the Lost Coast beaches.

Environmentally friendly, and a good reminder of Earth Day, driftwood and reclaimed forest are re-purposed and perhaps the ultimate in recycled materials—Mother Nature made. If you're interested in one of the chainsaw creations on this site, or if you would like to inquire about other available sculptures, please email or call.

Lost Coast Naturals

Located in northern California, just south of the Oregon border you will find Eureka CA. Whether you're looking for a large or small chainsaw carving piece to decorate a room, to stand at your front door to welcome visitors to your home or
to provide an impressive accent to your patio, garden or lawn, you can visit ​or call ​and discuss
​your vision piece with Peter.